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Title: Conflict Resolution
Duration: 45 Minutes
Price: $35

Conflict Resolution Webinar


Whenever 2 or more people come together, there is bound to be conflict. This webinar will provide participants with a 7-
step conflict resolution process that they can use and modify to resolve conflict disputes of any type. Participants will
also be provided a set of skills in solution-building and finding common ground. In this Conflict Resolution webinar, they
will also learn crucial conflict management skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. Dealing
with conflict is important for every organization no matter what the size. If it is left unchecked or unresolved, this can
lead to lost production, absences, attrition, and even lawsuits.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Understand what conflict and conflict resolution mean
  • Understand all six phases of the conflict resolution process
  • Understand the five main styles of conflict resolution
  • Be able to adapt the process for all types of conflicts
  • Be able to break out parts of the process and use those tools to prevent conflict
  • Be able to use basic communication tools, such as the agreement frame and open questions
  • Be able to use basic anger and stress management techniques

About the Speaker

Berthine Crèvecoeur West believes the power of knowledge is transformational. She founded Westbridge Solutions on the core competencies of planning and organization, cultural awareness, and collaborative working. Clients of Westbridge would agree that being a catalyst in these competencies enabled their organizations to deliver outstanding service.