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New studies continue to show the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) creates sustainable innovation, revenue, and cultural health for any organization that embraces it.


It’s ok to admit that creating a Diversity and Inclusion workplace is challenging. With our D&I training program, we take the journey with our clients together, ensuring their position for success.

Cultural Competency

The ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact with people across cultures requires insight and effort between peers. High performing organizations use cultural competency within their core values.


Westbridge D&I trainings uses cultural competency to enable our clients to look inward, build strong cultural habits, embrace tough conversations, and reinforce positive results.


Don’t see your need listed above? No worries.


Westbridge Solutions customizes Diversity & Inclusion Training to fit each client’s organizational needs.

DEIMS Training

Westbridge Solutions is proud to offer its DEIMS (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Medical Specialists) training program has been specifically designed to meet the needs of medical specialists who wish to achieve the following goals:


  • – Define issues related to cultural competency in medical practice
  • – Identify strategies to promote self-awareness about attitudes, beliefs, biases, and behaviors that may influence clinical care
  • – Devise strategies to enhance skills towards the provision of care in culturally competent clinical practice
  • – Demonstrate the advantages of the adoption of CLAS standards as appropriate in clinical practice


The Westbridge Solutions DEIMS training is delivered as a 4-hour, 7-hour, and 16-Hour program. Contact us to receive your customized DEIMS training!


Want To Discover How We Create Customized Corporate Trainings?

In three easy steps, Westbridge Solutions will create a customized corporate training program so you can be confident your organization will become culturally competent.

Step 1


We’ll assess your organization’s current situation.

Step 2


We’ll create a plan of action to turn things around.

Step 3


We’ll work with you to implement an impactful change into your organization.